Recently revamped education sector website MHFE was recently launched, after my work redesigning the front-end of the site.

I was tasked with taking the existing Drupal driven website and through html and CSS reworking the design. The original website sat on a black background and was very over bearing – and certainly one of the main things on the list of improvements from my end was to move everything over to work on a white background. The logo colours are very pastel and I think work pretty well on the white.

Choosing the right colours for the site was a small challenge. Usually you can pick 1 or 2 colours from the logo or the company’s corporate identity. In MHFE’s case, the logo was almost a rainbow of colours! Picking a scheme from this that worked with the logo was the next important task to tackle.

Great care was taken not to break any of the existing content that had been added to the site thus far – lots of information has been added to the site since its original launch in 2011, and now wasn’t the time to lose or break it.

The site relaunched seamlessly in June 2013.