Have you heard about the new Google Glass?

It looks like something that shouldn’t have been invented yet – like hover boards – but unlike hover board,s seems to be turning into reality.

In simple terms, it’s a pair of simple lightweight specs that you wear in the traditional spectacles way, but features a HUD (Heads Up Display) and is able to record everything you ‘see’.

You can see the website here:

This is a web and design blog rather than a technology blog, so I won’t pretend to know more about it than what you read on the website.

The reason I mention this site is to focus on the design.
I really like it, and seems to be treading a similar path to the new Microsoft Windows 8. It seems the world is perhaps finally moving on from the ‘Apple style’ of rounded corners and glassy, reflective, dropshadowed elements.

The Glass website is all about the reduction of design for design’s sake whilst still looking elegant.
Flat blocks of colour and subtle greys are the order of the day.

The font is an interesting one and definitely worth a mention – I’ve not seen it before, but it’s a font called Roboto. It’s a free to use Google web font and is available in a great set of weights for maximum versatility.