38% of ecommerce traffic now comes from mobile devices

A new report this month has revealed that browsing online stores via your mobile phone or tablet is rising.

I find myself doing this now – ‘window shopping’ on my phone whilst sat relaxing at home. It’s not a serious shop which means breaking out the laptop or trudging off to the study to turn on the desktop PC – it’s more a lazy Sunday afternoon browsing through clothing sites, or BluRays, or hi-fi equipment…

The increase in actual conversions however is only slight from mobile devices – I feel proving my theory that other people are treating the experience in the same way  as me – browsing without intent to purchase, possibly because it’s often a bit too fiddly.

More and more ecommerce stores are now getting much better at offering a useable experience for the mobile phone based shopper, with properly optimised ‘responsive’ designed websites with easy checkout and payment from the phone. But at the end of the day, it can still be a bit flddly trying to type in your billing address from your phone.

Amazon although at times feels a little insecure, allows full checkout and payment without having to re-enter even credit card details again, which is why that’s one of the few stores I think I’ve probably shopped and bought from on a whim from my mobile. That and the items tend to be cheap BluRays or similar impulse purchase items.

Either way, it’s difficult to ignore responsive websites for ecommerce – it might just cost you an important sale.