Flat design in 2015

Over the last year, more and more websites have followed the road of what is coined as ‘flat design’. How will this trend develop into 2015?

Not too long ago, the latest buzz word for web design was the ‘web 2.0’ look.

This look aside from any functionality was associated with design elements such as bevels, shiny buttons, drop shadows and gradient fills. Apple’s iOS at the time was the leader in this look with it’s iPhone and iPad interfaces particularly.

The latest iOS now has done a u-turn on this look and made all the icons and elements completely flat. Not completely unlike how a lot of websites looked 10 years ago!

It’s funny how ‘everything that was be, will be again’.

Right now, minimal, clean and scaleable designs are the trend. It kind of reminds me back when I was studying graphic design in the 90’s before web design was invented, everybody strived to go with the Swiss design look, which relied on simple thin sans serif fonts, careful alignments and large photos.

Cycles will repeat, but I’ve got a feeling pure flat will start to cave away to some kind of middle ground including the best of both worlds.

Google has its own take on flat design, which they call Material Design – which does seem to allow for subtle shadows and mimicking 3D objects a bit more again…