NIACE websites turn responsive

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been doing lots of work for the charity NIACE – The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education.

I’ve worked on a number of websites that sit under the main brand, two of which are The Equalities Toolkit and Healthy FE.

I was asked to go back to these two sites which launched a while back, to ensure they work well on smaller screens and mobiles. They weren’t at the time built for responsive.

Particular care was needed for all the client created pages – the two websites are unique in that 90% of the content on the site is generated by users of the system – and so any careful web design rules could easily go out the window. Ensuring paragraphs wrapped and images shrank when they should were thoroughly checked.

The two responsive sites have been rolled out, and I’m now busy working on redesigning another NIACE website – Mental Health in Further Education (MHFE). Along with the redesign, this will also tackle the responsive requirements.