Holland and Barrett needed my help in building a brand new responsive email template for them to use for their weekly promotions and offers emails.

They didn’t have the specific in-house expertise to turn their ideas¬†into robust html eshots.

I developed for them back in 2016 a ‘toolkit’ of rows for them to pick and choose what they need for a given eshot,¬†making it bespoke for each send. Simple elements such as font size, colours and background colours were all easily editable in the html to truly tailor to their requirements.

At the end of 2017 it was time to revise the toolkit as the company was going through a complete rebrand.

Building on existing successes with the template and adapting to their new needs, I took their initial designs and made them a responsive reality, advising along the way if things would not work out how they imagined, or expanding on ideas from their design originals.