A nice image I saw on social media the other made me think and smile – as it can relate to my own work.

It shows that two people can see two different things looking at the same thing, and have an opinion on what they see – but might not realise that what they’re looking at is different to what the other person sees.

In web design, you can design something lovely and build to the same spec as the agreed design, only for the client to come back with comments about it looking different to how they intended. With so many factors at play, it could be the client wasn’t viewing the original designs at 100%, or when viewing the website build they’re using a small monitor, or an old browser… or they’ve cached an older version of a previous build etc etc.

In short, I’m always careful to not jump the gun and point the finger at the client and tell them they’re wrong. I just try and remember the image above and work to resolve 🙂


A good place to start is to have the client run this little utility:


Which tells me everything I need to know about their screen, OS and browser. Although of course I don’t design to defend for one particular setup and should work for all devices, it’s a good place to start from the above cartoon.