Client success story – Brompton Bicycle

Renowned worldwide for their innovative folding bikes, in 2022 Brompton began a massive online overhaul of their worldwide websites.
I was asked by Brompton directly at the backend of last year to help them achieve their vision and relaunch initially the US website.

When I came onboard to help their internal team, they’d got a CMS in place and a few key designs by the wider agency steering the replatform.

We had the raw building blocks of what could be used on site, but what they were missing were how all these pages could look, what layouts to use and what sort of content. This was needed to help present to stakeholders in the business and ultimately get the site off the ground in terms of production.

My mission was to create a large set of wireframes and visuals working through how most of the key marketing led pages would look.
Using the bones of what we knew were possible, I created a range of desktop and mobile visuals bringing to life in a useable demo before committing to build.

We were then able to confidently move on to populating the CMS and launch the site.

The site launched last month to acclaim and an increase in sales, and we’ve since moved on to look at other world sector sites!