Continued collaboration with University of Leicester

Space Park Leicester

Space Park is a pioneering £100 million space and science innovation park, opened in 2022 by British astronaut Tim Peake.

In association with Brand Clear and working with the team at the University of Leicester, I designed and built the original Space Park website in 2022 on a tight deadline to tie in with the Park’s launch.

It was time however to reflect and overhaul the design on the existing framework and bring inline with brand guidelines, and what the Park had achieved over the last 12 months.

Once we’d established a look, Sean worked his usual magic boiling down what they wanted to say, and how it should be said on site in some punchy sound bites.

Starting with an excellent content start point, and some lovely new images, I was able to design ‘over to the top’ of the existing site without starting the whole site again.