Plastic clear business card?

Having established the new identity for psbweb, I wanted to show it off as much as possible away from the screen.

I had done some design work for a specialist business card printer, and arranged to have some new cards printed on frosted transparent plastic.

If you’ve not seen them before, they look pretty cool – essentially a transparent credit card with block colour printing on top to whatever the design.

There is unfortunately a limitation on colours – you only have around 40 to choose from, which might sound adequate, but when trying to match up two specific greens and greys, it got a bit tricky.

For my design I decided to not try to, and went for one mid-green but kept two greys.

Checkout the photo below to see the result –
The quality is great and the legibility has been kept on all the lettering. What lets it down I guess is really my choice of colours. Greys and midtones were perhaps not the best choice. It means the background you hold it to has to either really bright and white, or really dark and black. Any other background (ie, the general world) and it becomes really hard to read.

Shame, as they’re really eye catching in the right setting!

Stay tuned for my review of round 2….

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